I am a recent graduate of the Dalhousie School of Architecture, living in Halifax Nova Scotia. Iā€™m a registered intern architect (NSAA) currently working with MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

I have multidisciplinary training, with a previous degrees in Civil Engineering (University of Alberta) and Environmental Design (Dalhousie University). I enjoy bringing my past construction and engineering work experience to the architectural design process, working to synthesize design solutions.

I am interested in the Canadian landscape and the ability of architecture and design to respond to it, to both enhance and create new narratives. Through my Masters thesis work I explored the ability of architecture to re-imagine a petrochemical site in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, and imagine a new landscape and narrative for the site.

When not pursuing my professional goals, I can be found playing hockey, riding my mountain bike, and enjoying my rural roots in the outdoors.